Diane Morrisey’s Banana Pretzel Peanut Butter Cups

Founds these yummy treats on Instagram posted by Diane Morrisey.

I don’t like to buy snacks and desserts at the grocery store. If I do I’ll just graze mindlessly on them. If I want a snack or a dessert I have to want it bad enough to make something from scratch. Or almost from scratch, box mixes count. These little cuties are just perfect. They are made with things I usually have on hand (except for the pretzels).

Instead of using mini muffin liners, simply because I didn’t have any. I used my silicone mini muffin pan and I added a little chocolate in the bottom first. You could make so many different little cups of yumminess with whatever you happen to have.


1 bag Ghirardelli dark chocolate melting wafers
1 banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
24 Snyders of Hanover sea salt pretzel rounds or 12 mini pretzels


Put 1/4 of the bag of chocolate wafers in a small microwave safe cup, the size of a 2 cup measuring cup. And microwave the chocolate for 30 seconds. Then stir it vigorously. Give it a second, it will probably all melt while you’re stirring. If not, microwave it another 15-30 seconds. Stir again until it’s smooth and shiny.

Put a small teaspoon of chocolate in the bottom of 12 mini muffin cups. You will probably need to repeat the melting process again to fill all 12 cups.

Top with a slice of banana, a small amount of peanut butter, and 2 pretzel balls (or 1 mini pretzel).

Melt another 1/4 of the chocolate and start covering each cupful. You will probably need to melt 1 more 1/4 of chocolate to finish.

Place in the fridge to harden. That’s it!

Some Other Filling Ideas

Mixed dried fruit and nuts
Pretzels and strawberry jam
Marshmallow and peanuts
Apple and caramel
Mini orange slices
Potato chips
Crunchy cereal like Rice Crispies