I love history and thinking about how things were a very long time ago. Over the years I’ve become more and more disenchanted with the holidays. They seem to only be about buying crap. Not even with the original intent of thinking about someone and showing them you care. It just seems to be about checking off lists and wrapping up anything to hand to people. What is the point of that. I’ve decided I want to learn about what the holidays were really about. What they were originally. When people cared about the seasons and the land and took note of the moon and the sun and nature. Long before organized anything came along and adapted the holiday to meet their agenda. Long before malls and online shopping. I wanted to know why we bring evergreens into the house and why gift giving was even started. What wassail is and why is cinnamon and clove so festive. As I read and learned about the past I started to incorporate those ancient customs into my celebrations. Aside from kids, I don’t give gifts anymore. I make treats and decorate with intention or I don’t do it at all, because again, what’s the point otherwise. So here are my attempts to be true to the holidays. If you want to learn more about the old ways I love the YouTube channel The Witches’ Cookery she has lots of posts that explain the holidays and will suggest further reading and links. But just Google the origins of any particular holiday and be sure to go back before Christianity to get the true roots. I’m not asking you to abandon anything, just saying if you are curious then at least be sure to get the actual facts its pretty interesting.

Disclaimer – I am by no means an expert. I have read lots of books and lots of articles online, watched lots of YouTube channels and follow lots of Instagram pages. This is what I’ve garnered from that research. There are many different takes on many different aspects of the ancient ways. This is mine. I am just sharing what I do.

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