Long story short – my dad was reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – the heroine is Dagny Taggart a strong confident independent woman. He liked who she was and wanted to name me this. Apparently the name is eastern European or Scandinavian and they kind of don’t say the g – it’s silent. But in America, where I was born, where my parents and grand parents were born. We’re not even of Scandinavian descent – we’re German and Scottish. People here say the g when it’s in a word so my entire life my name has been pronounced wrong. That’s ok dad – at least there’s a semi-interesting story behind it. As you can see I’m not shy with words so one day when a friend – a funny friend was introducing me to someone he said – This is Dagny – the g is silent – but she is not. My  husband loved it so much he uses it and uses it.

The other part of this story is that my friends also call me the oracle or rain-girl or Martha. I love to read about things and learn about things and research things. So when someone has a question – they ask me. If someone has a party, I help plan it or at the very least bring food to it. If there are travel plans I’m planning them.

So I figured if I’m such a wealth of knowledge I should find some kind of outlet for it, so – here is it. A place I can talk and talk and talk about what ever stupid stuff comes to mind.

The travel blogs will have hotel, restaurant, site-seeing, wardrobe, and general suggestions. The food blogs will be about anything food. Something I’ve made to restaurants I love to how to make a boring fast food restaurant salad not boring. Or which breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s have the most calories. Parties will be about decorating ideas or themes. Kids – yep I know that’s out of left field but I know about kids – I raised 2 boys. So from time to time I will be mentioning some kind of tremendous insight I have on the rearing of children. I’m sure I will come up with more ideas but for now – this is a good start.